The Trail of Beers

An Edmonton, Alberta man was intent on one thing Monday night: inebriation at any costs. And he certainly took Joseph Campbell's advice and followed his bliss. But in doing so, the police followed him.

The police began at the site of a abandoned and now emptied beer truck that had disappear from the lot of a local liquor store. Police, who put their hands to their eyes and did not see any tottering man, got a police dog and began some serious investigating.

The dog led them to an apartment building but I question whether the trail of beer bottles, a cooler, a hand cart and hastily discarded clothing that lined the path wouldn't have gotten them there on their own. Because, at the end of this trail of debauchery, was the suspect hiding under a porch.

"I guess the dog had a pretty good scent to go on," said Kim Carlson, police spokesperson and master of understatement.

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