People have the Power


My trunk's tank is half empty.

My laundry basket is full.*

And my throat wears a coat of many colors all thanks to our beloved Crimespree entertainment editor, Jeremy Lynch. May I just say, "You complete and utter bastard." This from Russel as well who had to share germination space in the truck with me on the way back to Milwaukee. Now Russ-poo does his best to pass this years Rickard's disease on to those sharing international flights with the Badger Boy.

From the moment I dragged my poorly packed bag into the Concourse Hotel with the great serendipity of meeting up with room mate right at the front desk to the moment I didn't get stuck in the revolving door with my horribly packed bag on the way out, all in the Jordan clan (adopted and blood-related) lived a blessed existence. The highlight, with no doubt, was holding my Mom's hand in mine as Jon and Ruth went up to accept the Anthony Award.

I have such a long list of shining moments after that that there is truly no way for me to touch on everything and everyone that made these four days wonderful. But, damned if I'm not going to try.

1.) I met Bob Ward. Bob Ward dares. Bob Ward is the angel who says, "Fuck the wings, give me another scotch. Ya think St. Pete can drop the halo routine long enough to go to the strip bar by the airport? What an uptight bastard." I officially love Bob Ward.

2.) I saw Declan Hughes two-fisted drinking and the man can do some damn odd things with his face if only one sweetly requests it. Declan, Luddite that he is, does not have a website. But that boy knows how to sing a show tune.

3.) William Kent Krueger and Jeff Tindall - an asset to any team doing any sport under any circumstances. And Kent makes an excellent valet....

4.) Libby Fischer Hellmann, you are a delightful and wonderful grown-up.

5.) Bryon Quertermous, I've never seen anyone get the height you get with a bowling ball, sing so sweetly so late at night and look so good in aubergine Thug wear.

6.) I finally got to have my hand crushed by one of the best writers and interviews out there, Tribe.

7.) It is always good to see Trey Barker.

8.) JC, you are a prince and you should be damn glad I didn't steal your leather jacket.

9.) I got hang out with one of the cutest boys in the whole world.

10.) Reed Coleman is a winner.... a big winner.

11.) Nathan Singer rocks the free world.

12.) I got to hang with Clair Lamb! Thank Odin there is someone with Answers for my many Questions.

OK. I'm going to stagger back to bed after consuming another massive, pink amoxicillin - thank you, abcessed wisdom tooth. Know doubt I shall later amend this post with many additions but I thank everyone who yapped with me, hugged me and big thanks for attending the Crimespree/Bleak House party. Despite the shitty music and there being only one bathroom, we rose above these challenges and took over the street (well, the sidewalk) with frivolity and mostly black attire.

Take care of yourselves kids. Drink plently of water and get some more fiber in your diet. I worry, you know...

*although the laundry will be done only when your innocent narrator figures out how to re-light the pilot light. She does not yet trust herself with combustables and matches yet.


AnswerGirl said...

Is my sore throat Crimespree's fault? Sheesh.

So glad I got to meet you in person, Jennifer -- you are a goddess of crime in every way, and I'd have said so in an e-mail if I had your e-mail address, which I don't. Still, perhaps it's best to declare these things in public and offer the opportunity for your subjects to agree.


Russel said...

So far I am safe from the Cold of Death (tm). But I am propped up only by the power of coffee.

Although they clearly learned their lesson this year on the flights as Badger boy had a whole row of seats all to himself.

OrangeD00d said...

I don't trust you with combustibles either.

OK, I might let you light the bong, if I still did such things, which I don't. But if I did, I would. 'Cause that's just how I rock it.