What Jen has to say about this week:

These are the people/institutions/companies that can fuck right off:

  • The people using a favorite charity to try to scam money out of me
  • The cat that puked on my bed
  • Whatever has caused my email to crash, like, five times today
  • The person who stole my MySpace i.d. and sent out a retarded bulletin
  • All psychotic despots
  • Paris Hilton


David said...

Would have to agree with all of those (though I don't know the puking cat, gotta hate that), and would add, for me: cell phones (just in general), people who stop in a merge lane because they can't look for traffic and drive at the same time, and people who use their turn signal without thinking (makes me think they live their lives that way).

Beneath the Carolina Moon said...

Today you and David (comment above or below, ever how it stacks) remind me of the old copy machine humor poster of the cigar chomping duck who said' "Every day, I'm forced to add to the list of people who can kiss my ass!". I'm pretty good about grousing myself, but have found blog and outlook that makes it all better. Well, prescript meds help too. Anywho, try this link for a lift. It's a lovely idea.



Anonymous said...

curse what every isn't letting the blog load right to.

Anonymous said...

better now it just takes a super duper long time

John Schramm said...

Can we add Nicole Richie to the list?

Jennifer Jordan said...

Sweety, that list is open for all grievances to be added. In my mind, it wraps around the planet twice and tickles the moon.

David, people who want to turn and need two freakin' lanes to do it irk me noooooooo end.

Driving can be primal scream therapy.