Our Survey Says...

Women are grumpier than men in the morning.

And women stay in a bad mood for longer.

A survey by The Sleep Council found 24 % of men say they never wake up grumpy, as opposed to only 14 % of women and that 13 % of women stayed in a bad mood for two to four hours, compared to 10 per cent of men.

The survey, published to not coincide with of National Sleep In Day on October 29 reveals 41 % of respondents are convinced crap sleep is the main reason for being cranky in the morning.

"As men appear to sleep better than women, perhaps it's not surprising that more women than men get out of bed on the wrong side," she said. "It also tends to be them that prepares the breakfast, spends time with the children, check their emails and attend to their beauty regime. Women far outweigh men in having a busy and packed morning."


Julie said...

He looks like a little gremlin. He's cute! He is the way I felt this morning as I Got the kids up for school and they wern't listening.

JD Rhoades said...

No one is grumpier than me in the morning.

No one.

Anonymous said...

I am chearful until I get to work, then I am that puppy, crabby but can still pull off cute.

Kat Richardson said...

Morning? Is that that thing that happens before noon with the bright light and all? Yeh, I'm definitely against that idea.

Russel said...

I'm grumpy twenty four hours.

But I tell ya I could give Dusty a run for his money in the morning grumpy stakes.