Another Episode of Bad Cinema

The Movie Poop Shoot squeezes out a whole lotta bad in TERROR OF HIDDEN ISLAND LAKE!!! Scott Tipton watches movies so you don't have to - and he's crept into Hanna-Barbera'’s crypt for this fantastically bad piece of film.

Scott has this to say in his opener,

"As the superhero movies come and go faster and faster these days, your humble professor gets the same question over and over, with each successively worse movie:

'Aren't you worried about INSERT MOVIE HERE ruining the superhero movie?‚' Last year, it was 'Aren't you worried about CATWOMAN?' Then a few months back, it was 'Aren't you worried about CONSTANTINE?'

Nowadays, it's ‚'Aren't you worried about FANTASTIC FOUR?‚' And my answer is always the same: 'Nope.'

Why is that, you ask?

Simple. No superhero movie, no matter how bad, how awful, how soul-numbingly un-good in every sense of the word, can hurt me. I've seen LEGENDS OF THE SUPERHEROES. Truly, nothing else comes close."

Yes, Scott has seen the worst of the worst when it comes to superhero celluloid and he's here to share his heartbreaking story of ridiculous costumes, horrible dialogue and cheesy set construction. To give you an idea of how bad it is - Adam West
and Burt Ward reprise their roles as Batman and Robin. Yes, that bad.

And he has pictures!

You can buy it here.

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Graham Powell said...

I have very fond memories of the superhero roast at the end - especially Batman and Robin playing charades, where the answer is, "The Batmobile is totalled!"