For the Curious, the Bored and the Disgusted

Yawning. We all do it. And when one of does it, the rest are compelled to - why? Yet another Finnish brain study unhinges it's jaws and let's us in on a secret.

Epidemiological studies suggest that the high flavonoid intake confers by dark chocolate confers a benefit on cardiovascular system.

For the 18th week, the Hollywood box office slides down a slippery slope.

Vanilla Ice, Rob van Winkle, stills plays the blame game when it comes to his earlier image. His current image? Whiner.

The Observer lays Annie Lennox bare. Popping off about pop, she says, 'There are some bright women but the consensus is that you whore it. That's what it looks like to me. You have to become a sex object. I'm all for erotica, I love it, but the values I see on pop videos are like soft porn.'

Speaking of values, Maddona has just given her eight year old daughter Lourdes a credit card worth $10 thousand dollars in order to teach her the value of money. When my parents wanted to teach the value of money they handed me a pooper scooper and garbage and told me to clean the dog shit up in the back yard.

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