Scraping and a-sweepin', yea, yea

Summer has two main themes for me. Gardening (one of my biggest passions) and home care/repair. Today began another chapter in my 'cleaning mood' as I began to scrap off the old paint on Ma and Pa Jordans house. If you don't enjoy the sound of metal scraping against stone, or the tink tink of brittle caulk being pried from it's untenable holdings, don't hang out with me for the next few months. I kind of wish I wasn't hanging out with me.

Underneath the dark gray garage door and window trim lurks the paint color the house had when my parents moved into it more thirty years ago July 2nd.

Chartreuse. The brightest, grossest baby bark green I've ever seen. And, when we moved in, the roof was pink. Yes, pink. Gah! x 10!

I started this whole project by opening the garage door, picking up my scraping tools and sandpaper, then heading outside. As I walked under the aforementioned door, various insects above and wriggly or dead and hollowed out, fell into my hair. The toughest to pull out was definitely the earwig. Tenacious little bastard.

I clean as I scrape and soon had inhale vast amounts of dark dust clouds. My skin displays dirt and flecks of gray/chartreuse paint and my hair still feels like it's wriggling.

Summer means dirt, no matter how I crack it. Dirt, long showers and beer at the end of the day and an array of meat cooked over open flame.

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Jen Jordan said...

I should note that a young wren family that has taken residence in a bird house at the front of the parental abode is quite angry with me. As I scrape, hesits three feet away, yelling at me in shrill bird language. There's a lot of voice for such a wee bird.