If I only had a Brain

Posting before the computer goes to sleep and so do I. The monitor is covered with bug smush from some tiny flying menaces that insist on landing on it and bouncing around like Ravers on a speed rush. Amazing I still have the reflexes that turn them to afore mentioned smush.

I've just sent in my last bit for the upcoming Crime Spree as Jon labors long into the night, formatting, re-formatting, shrinking things, making things big, inserting things and no doubt smoking as he chugs massive amounts of coffee. I do not envy him this task.

But I am more than a wee bit excited about this upcoming issue for reasons I can not tell you on pain of head slaps.

Now, before my chin hits my chest and I fall asleep in this cursed chair as this screen strobes before me, I shall sign off until such time as I am able to move again.

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