Care to be Analyzed?

Insert a full frontal face pic and let the system play.

I inserted the lovable Bryon Q and got some rather odd results. Um, first off, it read him as female. His archetype? The Charmer...

Intelligence 5.3 Average Intelligence
Risk 1.2 Very Low Risk
Ambition 5.0 Average Ambition
Gay Factor 1.3 Very Low Gay Factor
Honor 3.1 Low Honor
Politeness 9.8 Very High Politeness
Income 4.1 $10,000 - $30,000
Sociability 6.0 Average Sociability
Promiscuity 3.6 Low Promiscuity


Personality Profile

You have social courage and as a consequence are open and extroverted. You are seen as a well known person who is liked and is involved in many social events. You feel confident about your position in social situations and will not hesitate to say what you believe. You do not like too much responsibility, but you do not mind being in the social center. You must know everything that is going on in your greater social circle and spend a lot of time talking to others to find out the latest gossip. You tend to be friendly, but can be criticizing when you see others as thinking of themselves too much.

You prefer to work in challenging people oriented jobs where you can compete against others and rise in the ranks. Others usually like you but can sometimes be intimidated by your outspoken comments and criticisms although they do not show it.
People tend to feel comfortable around you and respect your opinion. You can use this social weight to get things done for you but usually opt not to call in favours people owe you.


JamesO said...

So, not feeding your own mugshot into the beast then?

Jen Jordan said...

For some reason I don't have a straight on full face shot of myself. Might have to go for the driver's license - a grim faced shot.

Russel said...

I don't know why I'm so proud of this, but they couldn't read me:no archetype matches my face at all!

Christin said...

Ok Jen this is the coolest thing first off, how do you find these things?

2nd, I put in two different pics of me - first I was Blue Collar, then I was charmer; also first my race was Anglo Saxon/Southern European; now I am Southeast Asia/Korean/Japanese.

Jen Jordan said...

Jenn - it's me, a case of Diet Coke, a foot massager and an opitcal mouse. It all starts there.