Ah... no thanks, I'll pass.

MSNBC has come up with a list of foods from around the world that I know I wouldn't eat even if my last name were Bourdain and I was paid a lot of money. Starting the fun off? Spiders. Deep-fried, lightly spiced tarantualas that can be washed down with... spider wine (made from fermented rice, spider added later). It's thought the practice was apparently born out of grim necessity in the dark days of the Khmer Rouge.

The list has many shudder inducing items but damn if I can't stand the idea of headcheese. And this was by far the least disgusting thing on the list. Ack.


JT the "freak" said...

Food we won't eat? What a cool topic. Let's start with Meatloaf.

Also: tuna fish, egg salad, cole slaw, potato salad.

Hi Jen!!

Russel said...

"Let's start with Meatloaf."

I wouldn't eat Meatloaf either, his hair might get caught between my teeth (Ah-haa!)

Mushrooms. The devil's, um, secretions. The single most foul foodstuff in the world. Although I don't really fancy any of that spider stuff, either.

LiVEwiRe said...

I'm a food wuss, so I have a very low threshhold when it comes to the 'ick factor'. I saw someone eat a live baby octopus and thought I was going to pass out.

JTS said...

I figured someone would comment about meatloaf the man. Thanks, Russel. I guess I should have used a lower case M.

I agree about mushrooms. Vile, ugly, disgusting things. And how many times has someone said, "It has mushrooms, but really, you can't taste them."

I'm a food wuss, too, livewire. I cringe when I watch the Survivor episodes when they have to eat awful things. Ew!

Jennifer Jordan said...

In my long history as an eater, I've eaten some odd things.

Foremost amongst them is favorite sandwhich of liverwust and raspberry jam.

Love mushrooms.

I eat all sushi and sashimi. Textures can be damn strange when it comes to that artfully arranged stuff.

I hate,hate,hate macaroni & cheese. Despise it.

Rather eat the spider than a deep fried scorpian. The crunch and ooze would freak me out.

Hannah said...

argh argh argh argh argh argh argh
this makes me feel like there are spiders all over me especially tarantuals!!!!!
i hate them (can u guess im aracnophobic)
but argh ew ew ew ew ew
i have eaten kangaroo before