T-Shirt Hell Hath Some Fury

Last week, Lorrie Heasley was forced off a Southwest Airlines flight for wearing a t-shirt. The shirt in question bore the phrase "Meet the Fuckers" surrounded by images of President Bush, ViP Cheney and Condoleezza Rice.

"I just thought it was hilarious," said Heasley. "I have cousins in Iraq and other relatives going to war. Here we are trying to free another country and I have to get off an airplane ... over a T-shirt. That's not freedom."

Heasley has spoken with the ACLU but the NY Times, after checking with experts in constitutional law, don't think she has a case.

T-Shirt Hell, makers of the finest and most offensive jersey guy and gal gear on the planet have something to say about it. "If any T-Shirt Hell customer is kicked off of any commercial airline flight simply for wearing one of our shirts, we will provide you with alternate transportation to get you to your original destination. This transportation includes, but is not limited to, the T-Shirt Hell corporate jet."


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Jennifer Jordan said...

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