The Making of a Dark Roast Misanthrope

Starbucksalot, java whores and the brand much of America loves to hate, will soon by producing recycled coffee cups "emblazoned with a religious quotation from Rick Warren, the best-selling author and pastor, which includes the line, "You were made by God and for God, and until you understand that, life will never make sense."


The Rolling Stones, who I'm not terribly fond of, will 'dig up' a few 'rare tracks' and release them at Starbuckeroos - the place where burnt coffee has become a trademark. The coffee cool kids hope to boost revenue with their little CD kiosks and they've already found a cash cow with Ray Charles' Grammy-winning posthumous album "Genius Loves Company," a nonexclusive release.

I am filled with disgust.

And a few other things not related to this post.

Click this link the the Delocator is you wish to find a coffee house alternative near you.

"...and if you walk to the end of the block, there sits a Starbucks. And directly across the street -- in the exact same building as that Starbucks -- there is... another Starbucks. There is a Starbucks across the street from a Starbucks! And ladies and gentlemen, THAT is the end of the universe." - Lewis Black


Anonymous said...

Anyone ever hear the Mike Doughty song, "Bustin' Up A Starbucks?"

Jennifer Jordan said...


But somehow I wish I had.

I shall seek information.