I Put too much Effort into this Post

In Luther, Oklahoma, a couple has decided to pass on the luck that has been with them for over ten years. This good luck happens to take the form of a fish bone that happens to take the form of Jesus Christ. With an Al Sharpton 'fro.

And now you or another lucky bidder can by it on eBay. Better than the St Mary grilled cheese and the Jesus tortilla. At last check it was up to $71.00 without the reserve being met. I found one here for $2.98 and here for $5.95.

Legend has it that the gafttop sailcat catfish, possesor of the skull bones in question, was chosen by Jesus in His spare time to remind people of His Suffering:

Of all the fishes in the sea
our Lord chose the lowly sailcat
to remind us of his misery.

His body on the cross is outlined.
The hilt of the sword
that was plunged into his side
is clearly defined.

Look at the back of the fish’s bone.
The Roman shield is shown.
When you shake the cross
you will hear the dice being tossed
for our Lord’s blood stained dress.
Those who can hear them will be blessed.

Conrad S. Lantz*

*who is known just
for this little

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