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The Federal Emergency Management Agency, which was accused of mismanagement, fraud and wasting money after last year's four hurricanes, has asked more than 7,600 Floridians to return $30.3 million in emergency hurricane aid.

According to NPR, a federal court in New York has ruled that the Salvation Army may hire and fire employees according to their religious beliefs. This despite receiving most of its money for social services from the government.

Harriet Miers, a non-judge nominated for the Supreme Court, is no doubt being rewarded. In the run-up to George W. Bush's 1988 campaign, she was paid $19,000 to review his military records, which are, to this day, mysteriously incomplete. Miers has also been accused of helping protect Bush's military record. She was involved with a lawsuit involving the use of a Texas Lottery Commission contract to buy the silence of former Texas House Speaker Ben Barnes about the assistance that he gave in placing Bush in the Air National Guard. Barnes revealed that secret in 1999, when he was forced to testify under oath about his involvement in getting Bush a position in the Texas Air National Guard.

"F**k you, I'll fly the cash myself to the Bahamas." Cheney's 2004 RNC Speech...subjected to hermeneutic video-remix treatment by a few blessed souls (or is it "buncha folks"?).

Lists and directorees can be fun! The choices of the Bush team are most confusing, what with the amount of unqualified individuals nominated (and confirmed). But what’s even more curious is the ties that bind them together. (Here’s some of the serious and not-so-serious diagrams of BushCo.)

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