I always feel like somebody's watching me pee...

Picture this. You are in a luxurious, five-star hotel in New Zealand. You've had a few drinks and excuse yourself to go to the little boys room. Slamming through the door, you are confronted with something provocative yet horrible. Enticing yet belittling. What do you see?


Cute chicks.

With binoculars, measuring tapes, cameras and the like - all life sized, all looking at you from their perches above the urinals.

The Hotel Sofitel in Queenstown, New Zealand just spent $45 million on a re-do and decided to ask a few local models to look down on visiting men.
"I think they're kind of taking a risk by putting that up," one visitor to the men's room told New Zealand's One News then beat a hasty retreat.

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Ray said...

I give it two days before those video screens are covered with indignant urine.