Breaking News!

For no apparent reason!

Yes, folks, the news is. . .

the contents of Karl Rove's Garage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
There was no car in the garage! And the stuff left behind turned out not to be much different from what gathers dust inside most American garages!

The inventory, seen from outside:

  • Some cardboard file boxes stacked one on top of the other, labeled "Box 6," "Box 4" and what appears to be "Box 7." No sign of boxes 1, 2, 3 and 5.
  • What appear to be paint cans stacked alongside a folded, folding chair.
  • A rather large wood crate marked "FRAGILE" and painted with arrows indicating which way is up. On top of the crate, two coolers.
  • A tall aluminum ladder.
  • A snow shovel leaned in front of another cardboard box.
  • Wicker baskets inside of wicker baskets on top of a shelf running the length of the rear wall. Transparent plastic storage bins crammed with indiscernible stuff. Another cardboard box.
  • In one corner, the rear wheel of a bicycle sticks out, along with what appears to be a helmet.
  • Another ladder, this one green, leaning sideways.
Fascinating stuff!

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