Fried, baked and tossed

"They're all officially known as 'gonadologists,'" Jett Aguilar, chairwoman of this year's fried mountain oyster cookoff said of participants, "and they actually think that's just great. Fries can be coated in egg and bread crumbs, fritter or tempura batter, then they're browned in butter and spices and wine and simmered in highly seasoned sauces."

The gonadologists are referred to as such because of the very food they're frying. Mountain oysters are sheep testicles.

Each participant in the cook-off will prepare about 20 pounds of testicles, flown in from New Zealand. Awards will be presented for best overall taste, most creative use of flavors, best booth, best first-time cook and best presentation.


What: Mountain Oyster Fry.
When: Noon, Saturday.
Where: Bucket of Blood Saloon parking lot, C and Union streets, Virginia City.
Cost: $2 per sample.

Fast Facts
  • # Mountain Oysters are lamb testicles.
  • # Rocky Mountain Oysters are the testicles of beef and pigs, also known as Prairie Oysters.
Source: Jett Aguilar, chairwoman, 2006 Mountain Oyster Fry.


Cornelia Read said...

Tried the Rocky Mountain variety in Denver, once. As my mother commented, "they taste rather like second-rate Chicken McNuggets."

Jennifer Jordan said...

My guess would be tought and chewy.

Lord, girl, I can't believe you had that in your mouth.