Turn the Page

"I'm about ready to roll," said he 82-year-old Bettie Page in a Southern drawl, freshening her bright red lipstick. "But I'm going to go slow. I won't squiggle if I write slow."

CMG Worldwide, the company that markets her image, organized an event at its Sunset Boulevard penthouse offices that had Page's autographing as many prints as possible. With a film of her life debuting in April and sales of her image more popular that ever, it's fantastic to see Page actually earning money from her iconic image.

I don't need to guess why men love to look at her. As a woman, I see an unashamed woman, a beautiful woman, who is a survivor and the creator behind almost of the skimpy outfits you see her wear. And damn do I envy those legs!

"I made all of my bikinis and most of my lingerie," she said. "My favorite was my first bikini. It was green with a little rickrack all around it."

These days Page spends most days reading the Bible, listening to Christian music and country tunes, watching oaters on television and catching up on the latest diet plans and exercise regimes.

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