Circling the Drain

Very busy.

Oh, so very busy. So busy that updating this blog has been the last thing on my tiny little mind.

But, here, have some weird stuff.

To the left, John Rickards, sans wig, with his keen computer set-up. Believe me, this was the first thing he opened upon moving to the new abode.

But there is weirdness beyond the reaches of blog-land, as you may well imagine.

Check out this Flickr photo essay on... gender signs from bathroom around the world.

And for those of you with a rather sick sense of humor, Baby Art!

That site put "My Baby Loves Love" in my head and that is NOT a good thing.

Boredom always calls for a visit to Worth 1000 were Photoshop fanatics from across the planet play .

The Massachusetts government in action: The Boston Cream Donut shall be the official donut of the commonwealth.

I’ve been pumping doo-doo for 27 years and never saw a snake in a septic line.

"We heard a thump. Feces, urine, oil… …it went all through the house. You couldn't breathe, your eyes would tear."

Wolcott's parents have been at odds with the sheriff's office since November over dental floss not being allowed in the jail.

Judge with 3 wives kicked off bench.

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Sandra Ruttan said...

And that totally fits with John's recent "porn star or my little pony" post...