Oooo Oooo, That Smell

The rotting, stinky, leaky carcass of a 48ft sperm whale has been stranded in the Hebrides of Scotland. It is wedged ever so tightly in a cleft and is proving difficult to drag as the large boulders (or small mountains) are more than a trifle stationary. And it could prove rather expensive at over £5,000.

Experts, at what we're not sure, are set to fly to Harris to carry out a post-mortem examination of the body.

Angus Nicolson, the local authority's environmental chairman (and don't you have one, too?) said: "It is the council's responsibility to dispose of the carcass. We may have to blow it up if it is physically impossible to get close in to lift it."



JamesO said...

There was an incident with a beached dead whale a few years back, I think on St Andrews North Beach, if memory serves (but it could have been the Severn Estuary, or I could be conflating two separate incidents). Someone had the great idea to blow it up, so instead of having one localised source of smell, they ended up with human head-sized chunks of whalemeat and blubber spread over several acres. It took them a long time to get rid of the smell.

Angus said...

Update: We did manage to uplift it and take it to the landfill site for disposal. Explosives were not required!