If I Seem A Little Distracted

I am. By five of the above.

I am happy to report, though, that I will leave my post as kitty cooer and mommy feeder to take the latest issue of CrimeSpree to be mailed all over the world.

This issue features T. Jefferson Parker on the cover, an interview with Scott Wolven by the irreplaceable Bryon Quertermous and a story (Load) by the same. Add to the mix a conversation between Francis Fyfield and cutie John Connolly, an interview with Matthew Reilly (did you know he loves to golf?), Simon Green and Henry Kisor, J.A. Konrath on 'Cozies or Hardboiled? How to tell the Difference', an article by the beloved Anthony Neil Smith and one by Julia Spencer-Fleming plus more stuff my weather addled brain has forgotten to mention and I believe this to be a well-packed magazine.

You're welcome for my pithy example of a run on sentence.

I am off in search of caffeine and truck keys. May I get home before the snow (up to six inches) hits.


Sandra Ruttan said...


And I can't wait for CrimeSpree. The magazine, not the one I'm planning at Harrogate.

ben said...

Be careful out there. That snow is dangerous.

Slow and steady wins the race.