Ha! Survival Kit Gets Bad Reviews in Boise.

Art Swift has written what has got to be one of the funniest damn articles on bird flu I've read:

The Secretary of Health and Human Services this weekend told Americans what they should have in case bird flu strikes: powdered milk and canned tuna under your bed

"Powdered milk and a can of tuna under my bed," a woman on the Grove told KBCI Local 2 News. "And what will that do?"

"Under my bed?" a man wondered. "I don't have it in my bed but I have it in my cupboard."

No one we spoke to in downtown Boise seemed to be doing anything should an outbreak occur.

"Am I prepared for the bird flu?" a man on Main Street asked. "I don't think anyone's prepared for the bird flu. I don't even know what the bird flu is."

"I'm not prepared, no," a woman on Main Street said. "I know there's evidence that it's definitely coming this way, but I'm not prepared in any way. I'm not going to stockpile food or anything."

The Ada County Office of Emergency Management recommends stocking up with these kinds of items for 72 hours, in case of a major bird flu outbreak or any other calamity.

"These would cover any type of disaster that we face here in Ada County," Mary Barlow-Brusee told KBCI Local 2 News, gesturing toward a survival kit of food, water and assorted supplies "We believe it's all the same, it's all planning, preparedness, whether it be for an earthquake, a flood or some kind of act of terrorism or an influenza pandemic."

Barlow-Brusee said canned tuna and powdered milk do not have to be part of your survival plans.

"If you don't like tuna and you really dislike powdered milk, those would be be really bad things for you to store," Barlow-Brusee said. "You're not going to like them and you're not going to eat them."

She said while you can listen to the Secretary's recommendations, after Katrina, don't expect the government to be there in an emergency right away.

"We really try and stress to people to be as self-reliant as possible because we are going to be on our own for a while," Barlow-Brusee said.

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