Born to lose, live to win.

Q. Hi Lemmy. Is it worth bothering about people calling you a pervert because you touched a few girls arses while you were pissed?

A. Depends if you leered suggestively at them while doing it. That is not perversion. Perversion is 2lbs of chicken feathers, a swing, 4 gallons of vodka, 10 poppers, an iguana, a boy scout outfit & and large, greased maglite. THAT is perversion!

Lemmy Kilminster, lead singer of Motörhead and former singer of Hawkwind, took time out from the band's 30th anniversary tour to give an important anti-drug message to his fans. Note that is not anti-drugs, just anti-drug. And the drug is herion.

It's the subject of his song Dead Men Tell No Tales, and in an interview on Motorhead's website, he said heroin had killed "a lot of my generation."

"It's the only drug I hate."

His hatred of the drug is so strong, he once turned in a dealer to the police. The dealer wound up in jail but was freed in about six months.

"It turns them into thieves and liars," Lemmy said. "It removes them from the social circle. All they are thinking about is junk."

On November 3rd, he shared a platform with Conservative AM William Graham on the fatal dangers of the drug. It is Lemmy's feeling that making herion legal would allow it to be taxed, regulated and away from drug dealers.

"They will do anything. They will sell everything they've got and steal yours and sell that."

Lemmy feels legalisation is the only way. "You can't keep people from doing what makes them feel good. The reason they do heroin in the first place is because of the oblivion it gives them.

When asked why he targets only heroin in his crusade, Lemmy answered "Heroin is the only one that kills."

You can read Lemmy's autobiography, White Line Fever, for a look at the effects of drugs other than herion. Although Lemmy has never taken heroin, he once took enough speed to keep him awake for two weeks and reckons that acid made him a better person.

“It’s the only drug that really does that,” he recalls. “It made me more aware and helped me realise what other people are about. But I wouldn’t recommend my lifestyle to anyone. It would kill most people.”

A little interview with Playboy may reveal more than you ever wanted to know about the man.

Q. Lemmy: have you ever been so drunk during a concert that the lyrics came out wrong? Like We Are the Road Kill? Or Ace of Spayed? or Bummer instead of Bomber? The audience probably would not know the difference anyway because Motorhead's the loudest band on the planet. Just wondering.

A. Well, for two years I sang "the eight of spades" and no one noticed.


Nathan said...

Lemmy is THE MAN. I'm also pretty sure he's my dad. My mom refuses to admit it, although the guy she claims is my dad looks pretty much like Lemmy.

Jennifer Jordan said...

Nathan, there is no way someone as inately cute as you can be the son of a man with huge, hairy mountains on his face.

He is THE MAN, though. He out rockstars Gene Simmons. And Keef Richards. He out rockstars everybody, really.

How is it that he's alive? And he looks virtually the same. A hairy and bumpy, black-clad song slinger.

Whom I would never swap spit with.

JamesO said...

Surely that should be 'With whom I would never swap spit.'

Damn, you've got me started again.

Jennifer Jordan said...

Well, James, I somehow think that when one uses the term 'swap spit', where one's whom and with are is of little importance.

Or is the 'damn, you've got me started' referring to an on-going fantasy of the luscious Lemmy you had been cured of being reinstated by the 'swap spit with' aspect of the comment?

Nathan said...

Thank you, Jen.

Still, you should meet my "real dad" sometime. The similarities to The Lem are uncanny. It could really go either way.

Dad has mellowed, though. Lemmy just put out one of the most bad-ass albums of his career. INFERNO!!!