You know I'm rarely respectful.

President George W.Bush, after a day of meetings with Chinese President Hu Jintao and other Chinese officials,was irritated by a reporter.

"Respectfully, sir -- you know we're always respectful -- in your statement this morning with President Hu, you seemed a little off your game, you seemed to hurry through your statement. There was a lack of enthusiasm. Was something bothering you?" he asked.

"Have you ever heard of jet lag?" Bush responded. "Well, good. That answers your question."

Bush then went over positive developments from his Beijing meetings and was even seen sporting a small smirk.

The irksome reporter then asked for "a very quick follow-up." Bush cut him off by thanking the press corps and telling the reporter "No you may not." He strode purposefully and manfully toward the set of double doors leading out of the room.

He was thwarted by locked doors.

"I was trying to escape. Obviously, it didn't work."

I can't even begin to relate how deeply amused I am.

Oh, and here's the video. And here's another link in case that one's on the fritz.


Jim Winter said...

A comedian recently pointed out how tainted the legacies of FDR, JFK, and Bill Clinton (Remember that surplus we had in 2001?) by each man's womanizing.

He said the country only truly thrives when our president is a man who can keep his pants zipped, like Richard Nixon, Jimmy Carter, and George W. Bush.

Based on this, I think we should now make it a requirement for anyone who wants to be president to be a recovering sex addict.

Wait a minute. Scratch that recovering part.

Gabriele C. said...

The link itself works, but the video link inside is broken. Has it been taken down because too many people poked fun at it in their blogs? One may wonder. ;-)

Gabriele C. said...

The second link works, thank you.

Too stupid to find the exit. Well, there's one comfort, he might also be too stupid to find the red button.

JamesO said...

That George W is one class act.

Wandering around the interweb yesterday I came across a reference to a car bumper sticker that read 'I never thought I'd miss Nixon'. I can go with that sentiment and I'm not even American (or old enough to remember Nixon)

More scary (unless it's a spoof of course, and I hope it is) is the W08 campaign that seems to be ratcheting up...

Jennifer Jordan said...

Gabriele, I think Cheney would be more than happy to show him where the red button is - and I think he's had a few moments alone with it that I don't even want to contemplate.

A surplus. I kind of remmeber that. People had jobs, businesses stayed in business and the world didn't despite us. As much.