Highway to Mullets!

No one can deny the power of the rock 'n roll mullet.

And no one wore it better than AC/DC's
Bon Scott.
July 9, 1946
in Kirriemuir, Scotland.

In May of this last year, the Kirriemuir Gateway to the Glens Museum in Scotland began displaying a small exhibition in memory of Scott. Although limited by the size of the building, the museum has early photographs of Scott as a child as well as array of AC/DC memorabilia donated by Neil McDonald.

The museum can be contacted at
Kirriemuir - Gateway to the Glens Museum
The Town House,
32 High Street,

Telephone - 0 (44) 1575 575479
or via e-mail at kirriegateway@angus.gov.uk


Anonymous said...

I wanna go I wanna go. Will you go with me Jen-4

Russel said...

Hey, that's just down the road... I didn't know anything interesting ever happened in Kirriemuir... Ya live and learn... But I suppose if mullets are involved there has to be a Kirrie connection somewhere...

Jen Jordan said...

And yet you, yourself, are mullet-less. Does a span of a few miles change hair aesthetics that much?

Russel said...

Ah ha, I am not *originally* from this area, though. I'm a Fifer. Although Fife is very close by, too...

But then you didn't see some of my old hair type disasters from when I were a lad. A mullet may have been an improvement...

There's a fella (well he's a transvestite) comes into work a lot who is a strapping six footer with breasts under a tight sweater, a dress and the world's worst mullet. Its very scary. I know he's definitely a bloke and not a mannish lady because he's spoken to me once when buying a copy of the Da Vinci code. I really wanted to compliment him on his mullet. If I could, I'd send you a picture.

Jen Jordan said...

Russell, I would adore you til the end of time if you got a pic of that gentleman.