Tonight, tonight,

They'll be some snow tonight,
And the world will be covered in white.
Today, the sky is gray and gloomy,
The gloom is all pervasive,
And all is quiet cold.


Tribe said...

Jesus. It's snowing in Milwaukee already?

Jon The Crime Spree Guy said...

It's not snow yet, but it's trying.

Stuart MacBride said...

It's snowing here in Scotland. So we win.

Or something...

Jennifer Jordan said...

Well, last night and today we do have that 'God is scratching His dranduffy head' kind of snow.

I'm not impressed. I've been snowed in - the kind of snow as a kid you think you can tunnel through and as an adult you realize there is fuck all you can do but eat and sweat majestically.

Not that I'm asking to be impressed. No. No need to impress me in this quarter, oh Drandruffy One. Conncetrate on the earthquake and hurricane victims and keep scratching Your Head.

ben at bleakhouse said...

Thank you for talking to God. Your pleasant demeanor, no doubt, has saved me the back breaking task of shoveling out the new driveway at the new office.

I appreciate that Jennifer Jordan.

Jon The Crime Spree Guy said...

It seems obvious to me.
Everyone needs to buy Bleakhouse books for gift giving.
Then Ben can get a toro snowblower and spend more time getting books out and practicing Office Kung Fu.