Meet, greet and eat

Taronga Zoo.


Chimpanzees and lions awake to discover strange, smelly things in their enclosures.

Apparently, the Great Pumpkin (a.k.a. zoo behavioural biologist Margaret Hawkins) had placed hand-carved pumpkins in their exhibits.

The lions kicked the pumpkin to each other like a soccer ball, before their natural instincts took over and they ripped it apart.

The chimps poked at it before quickly realising it was a tasty treat. One of them broke it up and handed it out in an act of generosity not found often in their human counterparts.

"Curiosity is important for any creature and we continually present different things to them, from new food items to branches from other animals' exhibits," she said whilst shoveling candy corn into her mouth at a pace that would rival that of the trickiest trick or treater.

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