The history, virility and outright cleverness of cursing is long and varied.

And you'll never hear better curses than those given in Yiddish and Gaelic, particularly by the Irish. This goes well beyond the basic curse, which run towards lineage and belongings. No, Yiddish and Irish curses take the time to strip you down, slap you about the face then push you over a cliff.

If you're looking to be nasty in your ancestor's tongue, Swearasurus and Insults.net have got you covered. A little French-Quebec? "Fourre to l'doigt dans l'cul!" or "Stick your finger up your ass!" How about a little German scurrility? Schnoodle noodle (which doesn't sound very horrifying) means (joyously) dick snot.

Of course, you could always get Biblical on someone's proverbial ass with the Biblical Curse Generator.

When annoyed, irritated or affronted, why resort to the oft used damn you or fuck you when a wonderous world of schnoodle noodle is just a short click away?

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