Please Explain.


Russel said...

The guy on the left is saying, "Look, when I said let's KISS in makeup..."

Nathan said...

Well, I guess Ace isn't quite the anti-Semite Gene has made him out to be.

ben said...

If you rearrange the letters in Ace Frehley you can come up with many things. Including (if you squint just right)--


Which might mean the whole groupie legend of Gene Simmons could be attributed to non-competition more than any particular gifts he may or may not possess.

Nathan said...

[sung to the tune of "Her Majesty" by the Beatles]

Paul Stanley is a kissable Jew
and that's just fine with Ace
Paul Stanley is a kissable Jew
I think they're gonna suck some face

Ace says, "Sure they may control the world's banks, but I gots to get me a lil Star Child."
Paul Stanley is a kissable Jew
I think they're gonna get buck wild, oh yeah
I think they're gonna get buck wild.

Jennifer Jordan said...

Sooooo, Nathan, what you're telling me is that we're going to find some big, red lipstick prints on Ace's axe?


As long as there are no scorch marks, I'm not completely disgusted.

Nathan said...

They were already there, but from whence they came is no longer a mystery. I don't know about y'all, but I can sleep better now.

Jennifer Jordan said...

That's odd because since this post I've been plagues by nightmares. Big, hairy, platformed nightmares that constantly ask me, "Are you ready to rock?!?!"

nathan said...

Yep, that's about right. Welcome to my walkin' 'round brain, baby-doll.