Art or Crap?

I did not do well on this little test.

Art or Crap


Anonymous said...

I am an art critic according to the test. Maybe you are suffering from a cultural dificiancy

Jen Jordan said...

I've no doubt that that is the problem.

Off to buy yogurt!

John Rickards said...

I sucked at that test. Only scored 6.

And most of that was guesswork.

Really, art is not my strong point.

Especially when the 'art' in question includes that horrible statuette of Michael Jackson, that looks like something I could buy in some super-cheap home furnishings warehouse store for a handful of pocket change.

Hey! I'm an art critic after all! Woo-hoo! :-D

Jim said...

12 out of 16 for me ... it was that damn Michael Jackson thing that threw me off. Argh. Art can be so frustrating.

Sarah said...

Speaking of the Gloved One, did anyone try the "Michael Jackson's Nose" survey? That looked rather promising.

Oh yeah, I scored 5 out of 16. But modern art just ain't my thing.

Jen Jordan said...

Where is Michael Jackson's Nose and the Sexxxx or Something else are hilarious and rather scary.

I think I din't do well on the Art or Crap because of a tendency to think that most 'modern art' is crap. I knew the Warhol, though!