Capitalism as it's Finest

We are a sue happy country, as evidenced by the following NY1 story:

Woman Launches Suit Against American Express For Letting Her Rack Up Debt
A woman who posed as a Saudi princess is suing American Express for letting her rack up an enormous credit card bill.

Antoinette Millard is suing the credit card company for letting her use a special "Centurion Black" card meant for people who charge more than $150,000 a year.

She says she was mentally ill at the time of her spending spree and that American Express should have known that she was acting irrationally and impulsively.

She is suing them for $2 million.

Millard is currently awaiting trial on grand larceny charges.

Millard had also been under scrutiny for posing as a Saudi princess to steal hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of merchandise.

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