Beware: writer at work

This sign should be outside my door and psychically transmitted to any who dare approach me when I write. The dribs and drabs writing goes on all the time. By this method I've finished numerous short stories and a book I've put on the shelf as I start another one.

But when in writing mode, similar to 'cleaning moods' but more private and a lot less clean, I am not always a happy rainbow companion. I get moody. Irritable. Cccccrrraaaabbbbyyyy.

When something must be written and worked at with focused attention or I'll go insane, I become the world's worst correspondent, friend, co-worker, friend, partner. Caught up with the movie in my head, all else fades away.

Despising the phone at the best of times, when writing it's worthy of a sledge hammer and little more. I like background noise but no direct contact with aforementioned noise.

When the stuff is out of my head, I'm fine. Delightful even (ha ha). But, until then, beware the vicious writer.


Anonymous said...

At the risk of incurring your wrath -- what are you working on? At the very laest let us know whether it is a short story or a novel.
Steven T.

Jen Jordan said...

It's a booky thing. Big, fat, long book.

I've got two shorts I'm working on but the book is the thing that I've got stuck in my head that needs to escape.