I smell dead people

"I run up on stuff like these here -- coffins pushed up to the side, all open, foul odors coming out," said Sidney Clark, who'd been visiting his mother's grave. "I'm seeing coffins open, I'm seeing a lot of dirt that has been moved -- the coffins are not even 3 feet in the ground."

In Chicago, Staff from WMAQ-TV saw at least three wooden coffins sticking out of the dirt at Homewood Memorial Gardens. The plastic-shrouded bodies inside were clearly visible . Concrete burial vaults were clearly exposed as well.

On a hilltop, dozens of grave markers were askew and stacked in rows. Clark said for three years, he's been trying to find his mother's grave, to no avail."If she was living, if she could talk to me now, she'd be glad I'm doing this right here," he said.

The cemeteries side? Maintenance man Rudy Casillas said he's in the process of layering the area where Cook County morgue bodies are buried in pauper's graves and that the grave markers will be restored to the ground above. He also maintained that the coffins have only been exposed during that process."See, this is just erosion," Casillas said. "We have coyotes that come and just dig -- animals and stuff like that."

And what does a rep for the coyote's say?

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