We Link a Lot!

For you kids that don't have time to scoot down to church and spill your soul, I give thee the Online Confessional! Forgiving the sins of the Christian community since September 29, 2000.

Wear it like you mean it with Fact Shirts:

Beautiful Agony offers you the best in MPEG's featuring the faces of those experiencing La Petite Mort. One woman looks as thought she's passing a kidney stone, but the others look quite... pleased. Download, enjoy, then head right back to Confession.

For both at once, The Christian Dominatrix. Lick my boot and say five Hail Mary's!!!!!!!!!

You've experienced Engrish, but have you done Chingrish? Here's a link to my favorite.

A Squirrel in the Sun
Having Squirrel Dreams
of Peanuts and Cracked Corn
as Caffeinated Humans
and Nipped Up Cats
Watch from Windows
in Shadow

And, last and least, Blink 'o Rama!

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