Is the Force with you?

Or have you joined the Dark Side?

Find out here!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am Luke Skywalker.

the Force is strong with this one. Your father is evil, you fancy your sister and your face is kind of wonky, but neverhteless, you have mastered your Dark Side.


John Rickards said...

I am Han Solo.

I'm a loveable rogue maverick, a little bit woo, little bit way. Beneath that scoundrel schtick I am essentially good. When a dog barks, I know what it's on about.

I got Han! I win, I win!

Gerald So said...

I am

Obi-Wan "Ben" Kenobi

Yoda respects your talents, and even death won't stop you from floating around giving young Luke advice.

This jibes with one of my recent entries.