Annoying Garden Shots

With all the trials and tribulations life has offered in the past months, one of my greatest and most reliable solaces has been the garden. I haven't put a cd in in over a month. I stare at the collection and can't think of a damn thing I want to listen to. Music usually creates a bubble that very little stress can penetrate. Not now. The same for movies and tv.

But getting my hands in the soil and seeing my outside world go from browns and greys to every green imaginable with almost obnoxious blooms on top has been a boon to my haggard soul.

Mostly tulips, irises and the like now. The tomatoes have blossoms, the hostas are unfurling and the roses have glorious foliage. I saw the first indigo bunting today and regularly hear the nest ducks, wrens, cardinals and blue jays. There is at least an hour every day filled with the maniacal cawing of a murder of crows delighting in some kind of garbage feast or fresh carrion. Friday I saw one of a pair of bald eagles nesting in the area. My brother Paul suggested it might be one of numerous turkey vultures in the area. I know turkey vultures. This- white head and white tail, huge wing span - was a bald eagle. Majestic.

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