Gregg Valentino is popping up everywhere these days.

What happens when you build your biceps up to 28 inches? Let GregValentino, the "most hated man in bodybuilding" tell you. He could curl 300 pounds. Then his biceps popped (youtube).

TB: You can say all you want that you've got no synthol in there, but aren't you worried that one day you might have to get your arms amputated?

GV: Then I'd be a real freak, right?

TB: Would you be willing to go to the doctor and get this verified?

GV: Sure, if the right amount of money is put up. I'm not talking a thousand dollars either. Let's put up some money and then I'll do it. I have a hole in my right arm from a steroid abscess. An emergency room doctor went to lance it and he cut half the muscle with his scalpel. Dr. Nadler said I have a lot of scar tissue in there and the only way to repair it is to sort of spackle it with a plug. He's going to open me up and plug the hole. Muscular Development is going to cover it all.

TB: What if he opens you up and oil spills out everywhere?

GV: That ain't going to happen. Nadler has felt my arms. He knows they're real. Yes, they got some scar tissue. But that's it. I don't care who believes me. Why don't people say shit about the pros who are on stage? I'm not competing. Why am I such a threat? Isn't the pro onstage using synthol, escline, blood doping, doing all kinds of shit, aren't they the ones people should be going after? You got all kinds of shit going on on that pro stage: guys got implants in their calves and pecs.

They get their abs etched out through fat suction, yet you fools talk shit about me! They are competing! I ain't. They are cheating. I'm just living my life, chasin' bush. I know pros who got pec lifts for Christ's sake. I got fat nuts in my ball sack.

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