Do think Hollywood stars are grossly over paid?

So does Steve Soderbergh.

"He and another panelist, movie mogul Todd Wagner, proposed several cures: a salary cap for actors, a closing of the "windows" between when a film plays in theaters and when it is released on other platforms, simplification of budgets and contracts, increased incentives for movie theater owners and a cessation of pre-film on-screen advertising."


Sandra Ruttan said...

Here here.

Movie theatres suck anymore. Overpriced crappy food that people like me, with a medical problem, can't eat anyway but am I allowed to bring in what I can eat? No. Discrimination, and then I've paid all that money to watch ads.

If I physically go to one movie a year, that's pushing it anymore.

Jon The Crime Spree Guy said...

It's not the theatres that keep me from the movies. It's high prices due to hollywood paying so much to make films ( a lot of it going to actors. The food cost is not that big a deal to me.)

But the biggest reason I prefer to watch at home is I don't like the other people in the theatre. I much prefer to watch at home with the volume where I like it set, no interuptions and if I need to pause I can.

Hollywood also needs to think about why they are losing money in the theatres a bit harder. They neve consider that a lot of the movies they churn out suck....