Let's Talk Toilets

"It's a mystery," said police spokesperson Lucie Ptackova.

Prague police are trying to 'flush out' thieves responsible for a string of toilet thefts. Last Tuesday night, a portable toilet with contents was stolen from a railroad site near Hluboka nad Vltavou.

Meanwhile, elsewhere in troubled Prague, police in Brno were investigating a toilet theft from a men's washroom inside an office building. The loss was pegged at 15 000 koruna which must be quite a bit of money.

New toilet bowls have been stolen from home construction sites in at least three other cities.

"Every thief specialises in something, and some are interested in toilets,"Andrea Prochazkova of the Brno police summed up philosophicaly.

Over in Wombwell, England, the operators of a pub called Low Valley Arms have called in a priest to exorcise a ghost that repeatedly flushed toilets while police watched. The female apparition, missing half her face, "was the single most terrifying experience of my life," moaned operator Roger Froggatt.

Alarms woke Froggatt early Tuesday (while thieves were making off with that portable toilet and contents in Prague!). He stumbled into the pub to find the TV was turned on. It was then, for reasons that remain unclear, that he then managed to meet up with the flush-happy ghost in the ladies room.

"I stood there for about four or five seconds then fled in terror. I couldn't speak. I couldn't even speak to the police when they arrived soon afterwards after my wife called them."

"Officers saw the toilet flushing but could not explain it," said a police type person.

Darren Johnson-Smith, a paranormal investigator, said his 'meditation' put a name to the ghost -- Mary Quantrill, a 19th century murder victim killed nearby.

"It's one of the best, if not the best, paranormal incidents I have heard of," Johnson-Smith said.

And, for the man who has everything except aim in the dark, the luminous toilet seat. There are five great colors to choose from!

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