Photos from NY

I took my behemoth of a camera in case the mood to take photos overcame me. For the most part, it didn't. In social situations, carrying a camera of some size around all night is a chore. When I did my walkabouts in the city, being unencumbered was a boon. Listening to conversations that streamed past me, taking in the abundant visual stimulation and eating amazingly good food lifted me out of my funk. I wrote scads of poetry but I won't subject you to that. But I have a few pics I'll gladly share.

If you've even skated on the outside of the New York scene(s), the lyrics to this sing will ring true:

New York Conversation

Lou Reed

I was sleeping, gently napping,
when I heard the phone.
Who is on the other end talking
am I even home?
Did you see what she did to him,
did you hear what they said?
Just a New York conversation
rattling in my head.
Oh, oh, my, and what shall we wear?
Oh, oh, my, and who really cares?
Just a New York conversation,
gossip all of the time.
Did you hear who did what to whom?
Happens all the time.
Who has touched and who has dabbled,
here in the city of shows?
Openings, closings, bad repartee
everybody knows.
Oh, how sad and why do we call?
Oh, I'm glad to hear from you all.
I am calling, yes I am calling,
just to speak to you.
For I know this night will kill me
if I can't be with you.
If I can't be with you...

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