Don't Smurf Me Like That!

A man dressed as a smurf was arrested for threatening behaviour at an Army/Navy game at Twickenham Stadium on Saturday.

Drunk & Disorderly Smurf was arguing with a friend about the match. A 25-year-old woman sitting next to him put her arm round him and jokingly saying: "Don't be like that."

Seemingly under a spell from Gargamel, he threatened to hit her.

The woman reported him to a steward, who told police. Somehow, they were able to pick him out from the crowd and he was taken hence to the Twickenham police station. After admitting to getting into Papa Smurf's Smurfbeer, he was issued an £80 penalty for using threatening words and unSmurf-like behaviour.

Would you like to make a Smurfjuice cocktail?

Fill lower half of a hurricane glass with ice cubes. Add 1 oz. of coconut rum and 1 oz. of blue curacao. Fill glass half with pineapple juice, and half with Sprite. Stir slightly and serve, you strange person.

Would you like to transform a website of your choice into Smurf-speak? Use the WebSmurfer!

Would you like to find out your Smurf name? Dave and Dylan will tell you what it is!

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