Big Brother

Note that soon, the United States government will have a massive computer system that will collect giganto amounts of data from my bog, your blog, my email, your email, all of it.

They are ostensibly searching for "patterns of terrorist activity." I, for one, am very unclear about what constitutes "terrorist activity." I worry that soon, America will be a gulag and that any and all dissension will fall under that vast umbrella.

Does anyone in the UK have a garage or bathtub I can bunk in for the next decade?

Think I'm overstating my case? Read this.


Anonymous said...

basiclly your complaining about the government like you just did would probably do the trick.

Stephen D. Rogers said...

We heard that, Jennifer.

Michael said...

Oh, you don't want to come here. It's the same, only smaller. There's more room to run over there. Wide open spaces and such.