I am bedfuddled.


Stephen D. Rogers said...

Regarding what?

Steven said...

This is a pun, no? Bed-fuddled would mean sleepy I suppose.

Jen Jordan said...

Remember the grandpa and the end of Moonstruck?

"I'm so confused!"

Too much going on and my wee brain is behind in processing it all.

And, that's right Steven, I did not sleep last night.

Daniel Hatadi said...

Just take more pills, Jen. That's what Johnny Cash would've done.

Jen Jordan said...

God, I love Johnny Cash but I do not have the balls, the fortitude or the will to lead a life like his.

I do have that photo of him taken at Folsom Prison (the one where Johnny is flipping off his record company) on my fridge to keep me humble.

Daniel Hatadi said...

You may not have the balls (they'd look kinda funny on you I imagine), but you do have the fortitude.

Evidence: Fuck Noir.

And there's a word the world needs more: fortitude.