Me, Today

I ask myself that.
Why are you such a crank?
Why does every book you pick up suck?
Why does even the sun beaming through the window annoy?
Why has your capacity to deal with all sensory imput been nullified?
I feel like a:

Or like I'm:

I feel like telling the whole world to:
Hear that world?

Was that loud enough?

That frown will NOT turn upside down.

Is it because of the exalted travesty that is February 14?

Maybe it is.
My view of this day is skewed.

When I was in school, wwwaaaaaaaaay back,
we spent a day in school making little mailboxes.
Into these mailboxes on February 14
classmates would deposit little store bought Valentines.
Not like the ones out there now,
with Sponge Bob Squarepants or Powerpuff Girls or Bratz.
They had animals.
Mostly cute ones.
But, kids can be cruel.
All kids know which animal is a good animal,
and which animal is a slight.
A not so gentle poke.
Those are the Valentines I would receive in
my little mailbox
if I received any at all.

I was very sad.
Every year
On Valentine's Day.
Now, I am grown up
and instead
I am cranky.

I'll try to be:

I really will.
But, at some point, I will revert to form.

Fuck Valentine's Day.


Cornelia Read said...


Jen Jordan said...

This is just a cruel and unjust holiday. May it pass quickly for you.


David Terrenoire said...


I posted something just for you today. Go take a look.

Anonymous said...

You said it. This day sucks.

Anonymous said...

A hearty FUCK YOU has been extended to the people of Hallmark. May they all go to hell. May they all go to hell single and lonely.

Jen Jordan said...

And hairy!

And, and stinky!