Conduct Un-befitting a Nurse

Patricia Jennings, a 55-year-old Tunbridge Wells nurse, was reeled before the Nursing and Midwifery Council's for professional conduct committee in London. For many reasons.

It seems a good bedside manner does not call for reaching inside other people's uniforms, asking questions of an intimate nature, putting the wrappers from sweets down someone's front or slapping colleagues with a frozen trout.

To top off the fishy offense, Jennings then took the self-same trout and, hands on it's jaws, mouthed "give us a kiss" to her co-workers. The audacity! And there's more!

She told fibs about her work record and "bound a clerk's head and mouth with bandages while he was on the phone."

If you are afeared of landing Jennings as a nurse, afear no longer. She has been struck off the nursing register. At this point, she should be going through massive caffeine withdrawal in a dark closet somewhere.


Anonymous said...

This sounds more like a monty python episode than real life. Was this nurce mentally defective?

Jen Jordan said...

"Oh, fishy, fishy, fish!"