Not the sharpest pencil in the pack

Or, let's hope for Zeljko Tupic's sake it wasn't.

Zeljko had experienced erectile difficulties in the past. He was greatly saddened and ashamed by this. His every waking hour was filled with thoughts of what he could do to correct this problem.

In my not so subtle way, I have directed you to Zeljko's solution.

Not a good solution, is it?

Yes, Zeljko needed emergency surgery after sticking a pencil in his penis to keep it high and mighty for his new partner. The romping was cut short when the pencil shifted. Zeljko, and yes I do take great joy in repeating his name, began to experience pain - in his bladder.

The Z Man had to call an ambulance, tell the doctors and nurses what he had done and then convince them that, yes, he was really that stupid.

Doctor Aleksandar Milosevic from Belgrade's Zvezdara hospital, who succesfully removed the pencil, said: "At first the patient did not tell us what really happened, but x-rays proved the truth.Tupic said he had no idea there were things like Viagra available but agreed that in future he will try pills before he takes any more chances with pencils."

This story brought to you by HP Tinker.


Anonymous said...

you haven't had a penis story in some time this was nice.

Jim Winter said...


I know you hate Valentine's Day, but was that really necessary?

Ay ay ay!

Jen Jordan said...

Dude, this is all about the ferocious stupidity of one desperate man. Not how much I hate Hallmark holidays.

And, it was a man that pointed the story out in the first place.

And, it's pretty damn funny.

Russel said...

Oh dear GOD!

It takes a lot to make me cringe but... eeeeekk... Oh Lord...

There are no words.

Anonymous said...

If dude ever would have been tested for Chlamydia he'd have known it was a really bad idea to do something like that. I guarantee it doesn't happen again.