I am Displeased.


What is the story with the snow?

It was 53 degrees here on Tuesday. It was balmy. Balmy, I tell you!

Now, eight inches of snow and I can't get the snow blower to start. And it's still snowing.

What the hell?

I didn't sanction this!

No one asked me if this much snow was a good idea!

Time for coffee and a heating pad on my back to loosen the muscles I pissed off when I pulled the cord on the blower eighty kazillion times in a five minute period.


Anonymous said...

only Paul can start the snow blower or he at least needs to be there for you to be able to start it. That way he can make 'what the fuck is wrong with you that you can't do that' face. It is the same thing with the lawn mower and the garage door.

Jen Jordan said...

And I can't even begin to tell you how annoying that is. He'll say, "Did you do this and this and this?" And I'll say, "Yes, yes and yes." Then he'll do it and the damn thing will start.


There is no way in hell I'm going to shovel eight inches of snow off the driveway, either. It would take me three days to do it. At least.

Stupid snow.

Jon The Crime Spree Guy said...

You have to adjust the choke when starting, then after it runs a few minute adjust before snowblowing.

I'd call Paul....

Jen Jordan said...

I thought that once I figured out that it was an electric starter I'd be go to plow. But, I was so wrong.

All of my attempts were met with failure.

I filled the gas tank thinking lack of fuel was the problem.


But I know, hours later and after shower, still smell like gas.