Canada imports foreign strippers

Canada has several programs aimed at recruiting foreign workers with specialties sorely needed in the country. Here are some of the workers that were imported last year:

Construction workers: 19,000
Nannies: 5,000
University professors: 1,560
Exotic dancers:661

Um... don't they remember the visa revoking hullabaloo just over a week ago? Canada blows so hot and cold. Fickle country!


Jim Winter said...

I'm sick of those evil Canadians coming down here and stealing all our strippers. Now I have to drive six hours and go through customs to see them.

Canada could make it up to us by shipping Cold Canadian down here by the barrel. Yeah. That's it. Send Cold Canadian.

Anonymous said...

Well if the Canadian strippers are blowing hot and cold maybe that's why they need to bring in outsiders. Yikes.

Jennifer Jordan said...

Ah, yes, Jim. A vice for a vice. Logical and enjoyable - it's like Spock and Kirk had a baby and named it Jim.
They could have called it Spirk. That would have been better.