We've all got our own stuck stories. I'm going to tell you mine.

I was working through a retail Christmas at a place called The Nature Company - a place that sold world music, jewelry, fossils, stuffed animals, etc. An item that accompanied the popular bird feeders was, of course, bird seed. We had bags and bags of it in the back room. Invariably, this attracted mice and the mice attracted mouse traps.

I went to wash my hands after a hard days work and when I went to slip an amethyst ring my mother had given me back on, it fell and went right under one of the numerous steel shelves. I ran my hand under the shelf, felt a metal object and went for it. No, it wasn't a steel trap. It was my ring. Stuck to one of those large sticky pads designed to attract mice and give them a horrible death of starvation as they try in vain to free themselves from the gluey pad. My hand was stuck in a similar fashion. Pulling it out I noticed that not a fingers breath away was the decaying corpse of a mouse, one paw sticking up in the air.

It took me five minutes to get my hand free and fifteen to stop shuddering.


Anonymous said...

This blog isn't big enough for all my "stuck" stories.

That said, I've been stuck in classes that would not end, stuck in lines, stuck with out a next line....

How come people never get stuck someplace fun?


Anonymous said...

I got stuck in a sweater once because my sister made me laugh while I was getting dressed. This normaly would have been ok but I had braces at the time. When I finaly stopped laughing and was able to get out I had sweater fuzzies in my braces