New Year's Blah

I've started and stopped this post, inadvertently, at least three times. The last one, which I was actually quite pleased with, was eradicated by a kitten unplugging the computer. I took this to be a sign. That it's time that damn kitten got a job and started earning his keep. Unplugging computers, attacking rolls of paper towel and swinging on the drapes Tarzan style aren't going to cut the mustard any longer! On this last day of 2004, weird weather continues. Outside, the normally tundra like Wisconsin, it is 48 degrees F. The sky is blue. And there's weird news out there in the world. Two Long Island women sold hot dogs and sodas from a truck were arrested today. It seems they offered an interesting side dish. Sex.

Catherina Scalia, 38, and Rose Skorge, 34, were arrested Wednesday afternoon after they "offered and agreed to engage in sexual conduct with others in return for a fee" at their hot dog stand. Scalia offered to expose her breasts to an undercover officer who was buying a hot dog and Skorge offered him oral sex in exchange for money, Deputy Inspector Rick Capece. The women also gave the officer a card for a stripper business.

Sharon Osbourne is going to be doing the Vagina Monologues. This subject is rich with bad jokes.

Across America, brawls are going Tyson as ears and fingers are bitten off and, in some cases, swallowed. People are encouraged to leave guns at home when they celebrate.

The airlines are fucked because no one wants to work for free on New Years. And because they're so top heavy.

The dollar sinks in value everyday in odd accordance with world opinion of America.

The word 'peace' is being bandied about in the Sudan. I have a surface believe when I see it but there is hope.

In my daily sweep of internet news sites, U.S. papers complain about Bush-bashing whilst everyone else in the world is trying to garner as much aid as possible for the victims of the tsunami. Priorities people.

Anna Nicole tain't gettin' no dough from her hubbies estate. Damn lawyer can't get her any money or keep her sober for televised events.

This coming year will bring
Don Quixote's 400-year anniversary.

The Guardian has a clever run down of 2004 called Go Figure.

Alexander is pulled from movie theaters and declared a flop akin to that of Waterworld.

I need a nap.

Links to banned ads of 2004.

I'm taking a nap.

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